Most well-built roofing systems have roof vent pipes that require specially-designed covers to prevent water leaks. These covers are known as roof boots. They are designed to keep your home safe from harsh elements. Keeping them in good condition is necessary so that they stay effective in protecting the vent pipes while they drain wastewater from your home.

Understanding How Roof Boots Protect Your Home

How a Roof Boot Works

To understand how a roof boot protects your home let’s first discuss the vent pipe running through your roofing system. An average home usually has a plumbing system to manage and channel wastewater toward the sewer system. The vent pipes are a part of this system, passing through your kitchen, bathroom, and your roof. 

The roof boots are essentially the covers that protect the vent pipes in your roofing system. They prevent debris, moisture, and other elements from getting inside the pipes and affecting the plumbing system. They usually have a life span of around ten years, but they can last longer with regular maintenance by a professional roofer.

Common Types of Roof Boots

Some of the most common types of traditional boots used in roofs are made of lead, plastic, and copper. Lead remains a superior choice in most systems, with plastic not far behind. If you need yours custom-made, we’ve listed a few reliable types worth considering:

  • Neoprene Synthetic Rubber Pipe Boot. The neoprene pipe boot is one of the industry’s most common roof boot types. It’s installed with a rubber collar over the top and should last around ten years.

  • Quarrix Pipe Boot. This is made of uncoated galvanized or coated steel. The product is available in two pitch ranges and pipe diameters.

  • Bullet Boot. This roof boot is usually made from UV-protected TPE plastic. The product is also offered in a wide variety of pipe diameters. Consider this if you need a flexible material for your vent pipes. 

  • Perma Boot. This material tends to be much stronger compared to bullet boots. The product is made of high-impact TPO plastic and can be installed and fitted on the pipes with minimal effort.

As a locally trusted contractor in Florida, Bone Dry Florida offers only the best roofing and pipe boot repair services. Whether you need new roof boots or a complete roof replacement, call us at (941)251-8693 to get started! You can also fill out our online contact form for a free estimate.

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