No matter how robust your roofing system, it will encounter damage at some point in time. However, the gravity of the damage is what makes all the difference. Some  examples of roofing damage are leaks, blown-off shingles and roof penetrations. In today’s post, a top roof replacement contractor, Bone Dry Roofing – Florida, shares the importance of roof repairs.

Roof Repairs

Roof leaks.  Your roof can leak for various reasons, including cracked flashing, torn shingles and slate or tile damage. Remember that roof leaks are often spotted in areas where water tends to pool, such as around the chimney, broken shingles, skylights, gutters, vents and valleys. If you notice signs of leaks like dripping water, damp spots or ceiling discoloration, contact your local roofing company for immediate assistance.

Holes and punctures.  Your roof can develop large holes due to punctures from debris, deterioration, foot traffic or other causes. While these holes may start off small, they can grow exponentially if left unaddressed, due to deterioration, the elements and wildlife. This will further expose the inner parts of your roof, leaving it wide open to the elements and moisture buildup. Make sure that you have holes and punctures patched up immediately by your local roofer.

Shingle blistering.  Your roof can start to blister due to moisture accumulation. However, flat roofing systems are more susceptible to blistering since ponding water is more common with this kind of roof. The moisture in the attic rises up, causing bubble-like bumps that will eventually pop, leaving craters. Make sure that your home has sufficient ventilation to ensure this issue doesn’t occur; otherwise, a roof replacement could be your only option.

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