Asphalt shingles remain the top roofing choice because of their superior durability and reliable weather performance. But over time, they’ll start losing their protective mineral granules, which are what enable your shingles to keep your home dry and damage-free. But is this granule loss something you should be worried about? Bone Dry Roofing – Florida, a premier residential roofing company in the area, offers a quick answer here:

Shingle Granule Loss

The Short Answer–No

Shingle granule loss is a natural aspect of the roof aging process. The older the asphalt shingles, the more likely granule loss is to occur. But even if the roof is still relatively new or was just recently installed, it can still lose some of its granules. If you’re having work done on your roofing system, for example, foot traffic by the roofing crew can loosen some of the granules from the shingles. There’s also the fact that excess granules are sometimes applied to the asphalt shingles during the manufacturing process. Because these extra granules don’t adhere properly to the material, they become loose and are usually washed away by the rain. If you see some granules near your downspouts or inside your gutters following a rain storm but your shingles still appear to be intact, don’t be alarmed–these are most likely just the extra granules.

When You Do Need to Worry

There are instances when granule loss is something you should be worried about. Strong winds can wear them away over time, and in areas that experience hailstorms, the impact damage caused by hailstones can knock granules off the shingles, exposing the substrate underneath. Wind-blown debris during a storm can also crash against the roof with the same result. Once the shingles have lost too many of their granules, they’ll become more susceptible to damage. You’ll need to call a trusted local roofer like Bone Dry Roofing – Florida so they can inspect your system and recommend the most effective solution.

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