A gutter replacement project makes sense if your gutter system is already old and showing signs of extensive damage. Do it promptly as soon as you notice the leaks – taking too long can lead to further issues that compromise your home exteriors and landscaping. To ensure the success of this project, you need to hire a professional gutter company to do the task. Never try doing the replacement yourself, as you might damage your new gutters due to simple mistakes and spend more money than necessary.

Gutter Installation

With an expert gutter contractor by your side, you can rest easy knowing that they have the skills and expertise to get the installation done to quality standards. Read on as Bone Dry Roofing – Florida discusses four things you can expect from gutter installation pros.

1. Prepare a Material List

A professional gutter installer has all the tools and equipment to get the process started, from removing your damaged gutters and installing the new ones. In addition to using the right ladder for the job, they also have a pair of snippers, a cordless power drill, a caulk gun, and many more other tools to complete the job.

2. Get the Right Measurements

Sloping is one of the crucial ways to ensure that water directs away from your home. Your contractor knows that each gutter should be sloped towards the downspout at an angle of 1/4 inches for every 10 feet of a gutter run. For gutter runs that are 40 feet more, they will pitch the gutters from the middle to the downspout located at either end. In addition, any system with over 40 feet of gutters needs two downspouts to keep the water moving. Bone Dry Roofing will assess your gutter needs and determine the best system for your home.

3. Use Screws to Install Downspouts

When installing downspouts, your gutter contractor will use screws rather than standard rivets. With screws, it’s easier to remove the downspouts when cleaning out debris or clogs. Most contractors usually use a 1/4-inch hex screw. Additionally, they will also make sure the screw is pre-painted to match the rest of the system. Otherwise, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

4. Clean the Site After the Project

Every gutter professional understands the importance of leaving the homeowner’s property as clean as it was when they arrived. They will make sure to take any leftover materials and supplies with them, including your old gutters. Your gutter contractors will leave you with a properly installed gutter system and a great impression of their company.

Rely on the professionals at Bone Dry Florida to install efficient gutter systems for your home. We offer durable, functional seamless gutters that will complement the color and style of your roof and the rest of your home exteriors. Call us today at (941) 343-5622 or fill out our online form to request a free estimate.

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