There have been many instances in which a residential roof escaped the wrath of a storm unscathed. It’s easy to assume everything is fine, especially if no leaks show up hours after the weather disturbance. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean your roof didn’t suffer damage. Whether there are leaks or not, it pays to have your roof inspected after a storm. Here’s why:

Roof Inspected

Identifying potential roof damage. A post-storm inspection allows you to head off any issues your roof might have before they have a chance to get worse. You may not notice anything out of the ordinary on your roof’s surface, but there could be hidden damage that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The longer your roof goes unchecked, the higher your chances of dealing with expensive, time-consuming repairs. With a trusted local contractor by your side to assess your roof’s condition post-storm, you’ll save yourself from potential headaches in the future.

Securing evidence of roof damage for your claim. Scheduling a roof inspection following a storm is imperative, especially when filing a claim with your insurance provider. The sooner you do so, the easier it will be for you to obtain the necessary documentation—photos and videos of the damage both on your roof and home—to bolster your claim and increase your chances of getting approved and compensated.

Getting a free estimate. The majority of local roofers provide homeowners with free inspections and estimates. Much of the time, the small openings on your roof where moisture can penetrate aren’t within the vicinity of the visible damage. Such subtlety makes them hard to pinpoint, which is why you need to work with professionals who have the keen eye to spot what’s invisible to others. In addition to their tools and equipment, they also rely on their years of experience to carry out thorough inspections.

It pays to be prepared whenever violent storms hit. Here at Bone Dry Roofing – Florida, we’re no strangers to storms and storm damage. If storm damage occurs, get in touch with our professional roofers by calling (941) 343-5622 or filling out our contact form to request a free estimate.

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