Downspout placement is an integral part of gutter installation. Today we discuss its importance and look at the different things professional installers consider to ensure the efficiency of gutter systems.

Downspout installation

The Role of Downspouts

Once rainwater runs down the roof and into your gutters, it needs a place to go. Downspouts do their job by emptying the contents of your gutters somewhere away from your house, like far out in your yard or in a storm drain. For your gutter system to drain water runoff effectively, your downspouts need to be installed properly and strategically around your house. This will help prevent a wide range of issues, including overflowing gutters and water damage to your home’s exterior and foundation.

Factors to Consider

Gutter installation professionals take several things into account when designing gutter systems. Home design is one of them. They have to evaluate the layout of your house, including the roofline and its complexities. As a general rule, a single downspout should be placed for every 40 linear feet of guttering. This will ensure sufficient drainage as well as prevent the problem of overflowing gutters during heavy downpours.

Another factor they consider is the location of the drainage system. The bottom of the downspouts where water runoff comes out should be as far away from your house as possible. This will help prevent water from pooling close to your foundation, seeping into the ground and infiltrating your basement.

Depending on the outcome of a professional evaluation, the point where the downspouts terminate can be near landscaping where there are plants and trees to absorb the water. They can also be placed near pavers or other similar hardscaping elements, provided that they’re properly pitched so water doesn’t back up and collect near your home’s walls. Professionals may also recommend extensions, especially if the downspouts terminate in areas where they can cause problems.

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