Most people know that the roof is one of the most complex parts of a house, which means that a lot of things can go wrong with it. Despite being built with durability in mind, there are some things that homeowners must be concerned about if they want their roof to perform perfectly. Here’s a quick list of the most common roofing concerns and what a certified roofer can do about them.

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Leaks. Roof leaks are the most well-known roofing issues to be concerned about. Leaks occur when there’s a gap somewhere along the flashing or the main roofing material. Competent roofers can pinpoint even small gaps where water might seep through and fix them to prevent further moisture damage to the roof and the rest of your house.

Curling. A problem exclusive to shingles, curling occurs when constant temperature changes cause shingles to get warped out of shape. This is more commonly seen in older shingles, which have already been weakened by years of wear and tear. A roofer can get rid of the old curled shingles and replace them to restore the appearance (and durability) of your roof.

Cracked sealants. Roof panels, nails and flashing are usually protected by a waterproof sealant. Unfortunately, sealant can get brittle and crack over time, creating gaps that can lead to leaks when the next rain comes. Roofers can fix this issue by sealing the cracks or completely getting rid of the old sealant to reapply a different, more effective alternative.

Choosing Your Roofer

Properly addressing common roofing concerns requires the appropriate skills and tools. This is why we recommend choosing certified local roofers. In addition to having the right skills and equipment, local roofers also have a better grasp of local building codes and weather conditions unique to your area, so they can recommend the options that will best suit your specific roofing needs.

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