Except when it’s time to have it maintained or repaired, you don’t usually think about your roof that much. You wouldn’t even be aware of the type of roof you have as long as it contributes to your home’s overall appearance. But you remember the roof style affects your home’s resilience against the weather as well as its energy efficiency and comfort.

It also helps to know the type of roof that works best in your area and climate. After all, some roofs fare better against certain weather conditions than others. We’ve listed some of the most common roof styles below.

Gabled Roof

This is the typical pitched triangular roofing system with the standard peaked roof lines. It has slopes on two sides that come together at the top to make a ridge. The style is what people in most states think of when they imagine what a suburban home looks like. Since its shape isn’t complex, the gabled roof is relatively inexpensive to build.

Hip Roof

This is also a popular roof style found in many homes across the country. Compared to gable roofs, a hip roof is sloped on four sides that come together to make a ridge at the top. The style is more stable than gabled roof types because it has an overhanging eave on all four sides.

Mansard Roof

Also known as a French roof, this style was designed by architect Francois Mansart. It has four double-sloped sides that meet in the middle to form a low-pitched roof. The design is valued for the extra living space referred to as the loft or garret, offering additional storage and flexibility to the house.

Gambrel Roof

This is also known as a barn roof or barn-style roof. The style is similar to a mansard roof style but only has two sloped sides instead of four. This results in a roof shape that’s more triangular in appearance rather than square or rectangular. Although it consists of a steep lower slope that’s nearly vertical and a gentler upper slope, the style still offers storage or extra living space in the form of an attic or loft.

If you’re not sure which roof style to pick for your replacement, you can always consult with the professionals at Bone Dry Florida and help you choose what’s best for your home. Call us at (941)251-8693 today to get started! You can also reach us online for a free estimate.

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