Your roof system is made up of layers working together to keep your home protected against inclement weather. Some of these components aren’t as noticeable as the shingles, but this doesn’t make them any less important. Take the roof deck, for instance. It plays a crucial role in the structural integrity of your roof system and can directly affect its longevity and performance.

Damaged Roof Decking

What Exactly Is the Roof Deck?

The roof deck, or “sheathing”, refers to the material placed over the rafters or trusses of the roof system. If the rafters and trusses function as the roof’s “skeleton”, the roof deck serves as the “muscle” on which the underlayment and asphalt shingles are installed. The deck is commonly made of wood or wood composites, which makes it susceptible to moisture damage. If the deck becomes rotten, it can compromise the structural integrity of the roof. You’ll want to prevent this, but are repairs a good idea?

Roof Deck Repairs Are Crucial

Once the roof deck has moisture damage, repairing or restoring it is essential. It’s compromised once you see the following signs:

  • Massive leaks, which are represented by water stains on ceilings & walls

  • Sagging roofline

  • Mold & mildew in the attic

  • Discoloration & spongy texture in the decking

Keep in mind that when the deck has sustained this much damage, it can mean that the roof itself is nearing the end of its lifespan. Since the shingles will have to be removed to repair the decking, it would make sense to have the entire roof system replaced. You can confirm this is the case by turning to Bone Dry Roofing – Florida for a comprehensive roof assessment.

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