Your roof is an important component of your home&#x2019s exterior and has a significant effect on its curb appeal. In addition to choosing the roofing material, you also need to decide on what color of roof to get. The right hue will elevate your home’s appearance, add to the overall property value and even help reduce energy costs. 

Choosing a Roof Color

Here are key things to consider when choosing your roof color: 

Take note of your location. The color of your roof can affect the temperature of your home&#x2019s interior. Lighter colors tend to reflect more sunlight, helping keep living spaces cool. Meanwhile, darker shades can absorb more heat, causing attic temperatures to rise. This heat can travel to the rooms below, causing your HVAC system to work harder and consume more energy. 

Consider the rest of your home&#x2019s exterior. You want to invest in a roof that complements the rest of your home&#x2019s exterior. Consider the color and architectural style of your property when selecting a roof color. For instance, cream-colored houses look great with brown and warm gray shingles. If you have a light gray home, on the other hand, consider getting a dark gray roof. 

Your surroundings matter too. Roofs are meant to blend seamlessly with their surroundings. However, this doesn&#x2019t mean that you&#x2019re stuck with boring, gloomy hues. Your property can stand out without sticking out. Even minimal variation in your shingles will provide added depth and visual appeal. Moreover, choose shingles that blend in with the other homes in your neighborhood. You might need to seek board approval before having your roof replaced if you’re in an HOA community. 

If you’re still unsure which roof color will go well with your home, let Bone Dry Roofing &#x2013 Florida help you make this decision. Call us at (941) 343-5622 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate. 

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