Trees can liven up your yard and increase the appeal of your landscaping. Besides adding beauty to your property, they also provide shade that helps keep your living space cool in the summer. However, there are downsides to having a tree near your house. For instance, it can become a potential hazard during an extreme weather event.

Damage Your Gutters

Continue reading to find out if a nearby tree is likely to seriously damage your home.

Old, damaged trees. Old, damaged trees can fall during a storm and endanger your house. They can cause property damage and even put your family at risk. Weak branches from old trees can also become hazards in the winter due to the weight of snow and ice.

Trees too close to your house. Be wary of trees that are extremely close to your house because they can be fire hazards. Flames from a burning tree can easily enter your house through soffit vents. Debris like leaves, branches and seeds can also end up in your gutters, creating clogs. Over time, the accumulation of these materials can weigh down your gutter system, causing them to start pulling away from your house. Regular gutter cleaning helps prevent this problem and reduces the likelihood of water damage and pest infestation.

Trees with large root systems. While tree roots don’t usually puncture through a home’s foundation, they can still cause damage, penetrating your foundation through existing gaps and cracks. Large root systems can also get beneath your house and lift the foundation. Your house will settle unevenly when roots bring water from the soil under the foundation.

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